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Winning team

Innovate or die is a nationwide innovation competition for students in higher education. Students from different study areas get to create new, innovative solutions for real life business challenges. The main purpose is that every team produces new ideas, which companies can use in their development. The competition works also as a mutual chance to network with the most active students in the country. Best-case scenario the collaboration with students can continue after the event!

How everything works?

The company gives their challenge to teams, who have 24 hours to come up with their best ideas. After the innovation work, teams pitch their ideas to the representatives and return the written material of the process. The best solution will be awarded with 1000€ prize money. This year every company will have 4 teams working on their challenge (approximately 20 students). In Innovate or die, we believe, that the best platform for creating innovations is bringing people from different fields of studies together!


The challenge presented in the event can be from any field, from engineering to internationalization.

Example fields

  • Marketing
  • Event planning
  • Product development
  • Internationalization
  • Consumer behavior
  • Customer inquiries
  • Mobile applications
  • Branding

Clarifying the challenge

Asking the right questions will bring the best possible solutions. Are you looking for one polished solution or several ideas?

Receive specific results

Most important thing in clarifying the challenge is to define the desired outcome.

Basic information of your company's business

As the students comes from different backgrounds it is important to get them to fully understand what your company is about.

Adjusting the basic information

Engineers don’t necessarily have the best solution for engineering problem. Innovate or die offers efficient solutions across the study fields.

24 innovation process

It's show time! Participating teams have roughly 24 hours to innovate new and fresh ideas.

Receive efficient results

Every client company will receive a written material and 3 minute pitch from every team that solved their case. The client company representative chooses one winning team that receives 1000€.

Companies that has participated Innovate or die