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What is this thing called Innovate or die?

Innovate or die! is an innovation competition for students in higher education where students from different study areas generate new, out of the box solutions for the clients business challenge. With their ideas, the winning team can win up to 1000€.

Innovate or die! provides a new and effective form of learning as well as a one of a kind opportunity for networking with the client companies and students from different educational backgrounds. For companies Innovate or die! offer the opportunity to find solutions to current business challenges effectively in a short period of time. Our goal is to add co-operation between universities and bring them closer to the business world by real life projects.

Basic event structure

Coaching day

Coaching day will give students the basic knowledge of innovation process, teamwork and pitching. Students get to know useful tools for each specific situation in Innovate or die! competition.

Learning process starts here!

Each coaching day is held in different schools to maximize the efficiency. Coaching day gives students every necessary information concerning innovating in the main event. It doesn’t matter if students have never been innovating or the entrepreneurial mind set is unfamiliar.

Pre assignment

Pre assignment is given to every participant in coaching day. The main point of the assignment is to get to know the client company and their businesses who gives the challenge.

Get to know the company!

Pre assignment will give students the basic information about the company and their current situation. Often companies have some specific tasks to read and understand as well.

Main event

Main event is held in specific location. Teams will compete against other teams that is working on same company's challenge. Every team have own assistant coach that assist with the process.

Show time!

Every client company will give their challenge to 4-6 different teams. Teams work their ideas and solutions roughly 24 hours. In the end of the process there is an pitching corner where the teams and sharpen their pitches and get feedback from it.

Post assignment

Post assignment is made to evaluate the learning and the experience. How did it go, did you reach your goals? We also get the feedback from the event and improvement ideas to reach the best event possible!

Evaluate and improve

Some of the participating universities gives academic credits for participation. Main thing is to study what have you learned and what kind of impact the event had on the participant

Innovate or die! in numbers

Innovate or die! competition is 4 years young. To this day we’ve had four events in Finland and one in Barcelona. On our journey we’ve had awesome companies and universities with us. As an experimentation most of the universities have created a course around the Innovate or die! competition. On these universities it is possible to receive academic credits from participation in Innovate or die! How cool is that?!

Successful Events
Client companies

Why choose Us?

  • Very efficient way to understand and work with the future generation

  • Receive new innovative results to your current/future challenges at maximum speed

  • Receive a diverse collection of solutions and opinions as students participating comes from all different fields of studies

  • Innovating is one of the biggest influencer in growing and expanding your company

  • This might be the missing piece of your puzzle to reach the next level in your business

Why choose Us?

  • Awesome opportunity to work together with the companies

  • Learn innovation and teamwork skills at maximum speed

  • Receive and learn a bunch of useful innovating tools

  • Gain experience in pitching and introducing your ideas to others

  • Possibility to work with other students from different universities and backgrounds

  • Learn to create solutions to business challenges with a new way of thinking

  • An awesome opportunity to get yourself involved with different companies

What the participants have to say about Innovate or die?

It was fun way to learn new methods to innovate. My team even manage to win the challenge presented. I would definitely participate again!

Participant, IOD Finland 2016

IOD was whole new experience and I learned a lot from it. I learned a lot about pitching and how to produce ideas in very fast pace. I would recommend IOD to my friends!

Participant, IOD Finland 2016

As an experience Innovate or die! were excellent and I will recommend it to my friends. Studying would be a lot different if most of the courses would be executed with learning by doing method.

Participant, IOD Finland 2016

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