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We are Innovate or die!

Innovate or die originated from Finnish innovation competition called “Idis-kisa”, held in Jyväskylä, Finland. The main summary of Idis-kisa was very similar to the current Innovate or die – competition. University students were solving current challenges of the client companies. In that time, Idis-kisa was a two-day competition. As the event structure advanced, the two-day event turned into a coaching day held roughly one month before the event and the main competition that lasts around 30 hours.

In 2013, Idis-kisa turned into a newly customized Innovate or die – competition. Since 2013, Innovate or die has been growing every year in Finland as well as in Europe. In 2016 Finnish-rooted Innovate or die found its grounds from Barcelona. It got welcomed so well that Innovate or die will organize even more events in Spain in the near future.

Innovate or die has been influenced a lot by Tiimiakatemia (Team Academy), a business school that focuses mainly in learning by doing. To this day, most of our project group members have been studying in Tiimiakatemia. As a solid platform, the spreading of Innovate or die to all over Europe will mainly happen through Team Academy networks. Our goal is to spread Innovate or die – competitions to all of the team academies in Europe. These are located in Spain, Netherlands, France, Hungary and United Kingdom.

How on earth you’re doing it?!

If Innovate or die was a human, he would be an efficient little guy coming from the shadows that no one notices. He would speak with tongue-in-cheek but have a razor sharp focus on the things he does. He would be the missing piece of a puzzle that completes the educational needs. While doing that, he would get a couple of motivated friends to sharpen new ideas with. He would experiment to find the best ways to learn the skills needed for the upcoming challenges. And most of all, he would be a complete visionaire.

Our mission is to get the students to learn entrepreneurial and innovation skills even more effectively during their studies.

Innovate or die will be an internationally recognized and held innovation competition. Innovate or die offers a real opportunity when developing businesses and innovating new ideas with the future doers.

Innovating… Really?

As we’ve been studying and using Tiimiakatemia’s methods for over 4 years, Innovate or die believes that learning by doing – attitude towards studying in university level is the most efficient way to learn something new. And because of that, Innovate or die will focus in bringing the actual learning process very close to the client companies and their real challenges. We believe that doing practical tasks and either nailing it or failing it will produce results much faster than studying in a purely theoretical environment.