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Who can participate?

All students studying in the Universities listed in specific event information. At the moment, students currently studying in Finland can participate only in the Finnish competition. Students studying in Spain can participate in spanish events. We are working on the possibility to participate in the foreign events as well in the future! The participation is available for solo and pre-made teams. The participants registered by themselves or in partial teams will be mixed with other solo or partial teams to gain full teams (5 students).

  • You learn to create innovative solutions to business challenges with a new way of thinking

  • You have an excellent chance to network with companies and other active students

  • You can prove your skills straight to the client

  • You learn new innovation tools and get to enhance and test your existing working tools

  • Innovate or die is a unique option for regular courses

  • Your team has a chance to win 1000€!

  • Most of the Universities grant 2 academic credits for participating in the competition

Coaching day

Coaching day will give students the basic knowledge of innovation process, teamwork and pitching. Students get to know useful tools for each specific part of the competition.

Learning process starts!

Each University have their own coaching day to maximize the efficiency. Coaching day gives students all the necessary information concerning innovating in the main event. It doesn’t matter if students have never been innovating or the entrepreneurial mindset is unfamiliar.


Pre-assignment is given to every participant on the coaching day. The main purpose of the assignment is to get to know the client company’s business and to start preparing for the upcoming event.

Get to know the company!

Pre-assignment will give students the basic information about the company and their current situation. Often the companies have also prepared more detailed material for the students, who will be working on their case.


Main event

In 2017 IOD will be held in Himos. The teams who are solving same company’s challenge will compete against each other. Every team will have a personal assistant coach assisting them through the event.


Every client company will give their challenge to 4-5 different teams. Teams work their ideas and solutions roughly 24 hours. In the end of the process teams can sharpen their pitches at the pitching corner before the final presentations.


Post-assignment is made to evaluate the learning and the experience. How did it go, did you reach your goals? We also get feedback concerning the event and ideas to reach the best event possible!

Evaluate and improve

Most of the participating Universities grant academic credits for attending to Innovate or die. You can check this from the specific event information.

Are you up for the challenge?

There is plenty of challenge. Working will be very intensive - even nerve-wracking! You will get a chance to show how tough you really are! Are you ready?
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