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New innovative way to expand collaboration with companies and practical learning in university studies!

Innovate or die offers a new and efficient learning method for Universities. University students get to work with companies and their current challenges by creating solutions for them. Students will also have an amazing opportunity to network with the company representatives and other students participating in Innovate or die – event. Best-case scenario, while solving the challenge, students might come up with a business idea of their own and gain confidence in making things happen! Innovate or die is a door to the world of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

  • Students learn to create innovative solutions to business challenges with a new way of thinking

  • Students get a chance to network with companies and other active students
  • Students can prove their skills straight to the client
  • Students will learn new innovation tools and get to enhance and test their current working tools

  • Innovate or die offers a unique option for regular courses

  • Every team has a chance to win 1000€!

  • Innovate or die can be integrated to existing study modules. Most of the participating Universities grant 2 academic credits for participating in the competition

Universities and societies participated in Innovate or die