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Innovate or die Suomi 2017 – Innovaatiokilpailu on tältä osin taputeltu! Päivitämme lisätietoa piakkoin!

Innovate or die Finland 2017 – Day 1 / Teaser

Innovate or die 2017 – Yritykset

Berner Ltd is a Finnish family firm established in 1883. Berner’s high-quality Finnish and international brands are an integral part of daily life in Finland. The company produces and imports products and services that bring more well-being to everyday life. Berner’s products are sustainably produced in every way.

Berner’s business units are: Consumer Goods, Agency, Pro, Farmer’s Berner and Machines. Berner’s business units provide services to consumers, businesses, the public sector and industry.

Are is Finland’s largest building services company. They offer life-cycle building services contracting and property maintenance services that ensure customers have energy-efficient premises and pleasant indoor conditions. Are Group was founded over 100 years ago and employs approximately 2,900 people all over Finland and also in St Petersburg, Russia.

Neste Corporation is a leading independent northern European oil refining and marketing company. Neste focuses on high-quality traffic fuels and other high value-added petroleum products with reduced environmental impact.
Neste creates sustainable choices for the needs of transport, businesses and consumers. Neste’s global range of products and services allows customers to lower their carbon footprint by combining high-quality renewable products and oil products to tailor-made service solutions. In 2016, Neste’s net sales stood at EUR 11.7 billion, and they were on the Global 100 list of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

Keravan Energia corporation consists of the parent company Keravan Energia Oy and the subsidiaries, Etelä-Suomen Energia Oy and Keravan Lämpövoima Oy. They are invested in a diverse selection of energy. For their own production they use renewable biofuel made here in Finland. In addition to this, they are also involved in various wind and nuclear power projects.
Their own solar power plant in Kerava produces 100% emission free electricity. They are a full-service energy provider, and they’ll find the best solutions to suit the needs of each of their individual customer.

Helsinki Mills is a significant processor of Finnish grains. The company develops, markets and sells all kind of grain products for consumers, industrial customers, bakeries and industry. The company’s basic raw material is locally grown Finnish grain, which is processed into different kind of baking and breakfast products.

Helsinki Mills specializes in organic products and is today Finland’s largest processor of organic grains. Pure raw materials, solid milling expertise, and state-of-the-art technology guarantee high-quality products. Helsinki Mills is also known outside Finland’s borders. In Finland the company is known as Helsingin Mylly and internationally as Helsinki Mills Ltd. It exports different kind of oats products and especially organic grains to over 30 countries all around the world – Asia, Europe and the United States.

Suomalainen Energiaosuuskunta SEO (Finnish Energy Co-operative) is an independent Finnish operator of fuel stations with a history dating back to 1978. SEO operates as a co-operative which is 100% owned by its members and it focuses on marketing, selling and distribution of oil and energy products in Finland.

SEO provides its customers a comprehensive range of high quality and environmentally friendly traffic fuels which include renewable energy bio components. SEO stations have additional non-fuel activities such as cafés, restaurants, repair shops, car washes and other services accruing from local customer demand.

Vararengasravintolat Oy is a restaurant chain located in Kuopio Finland. The company runs eight restaurants with different business ideas: Ale Pupi, Passion Club, Gloria, Bar Nousu, Intro, Salacavala, Albatrossi and Henry’s Pub. These restaurants have different customer segments and the company has managed to offer something for everyone!

Atria is one of the leading meat and food companies in the Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia. The company is more than 110 years old and is respected by its customers, personnel and owners. Atria’s development and growth are based on excellent commercial expertise, efficient operations and an operating method that respects consistent, sustainable success.

The company’s main product, Good Food, leads to a better mood and sustainable value for all of our stakeholders. Atria’s good food is responsibly and ethically produced, nutritious and safe. In 2016, its net sales exceeded EUR 1.35 billion and the company employed approximately 4,315 meat and food experts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Estonia.

N.C.D. Production is a company specialized in event production. It produces events, festivals and concerts around Finland. These well-known festivals include Himos Juhannus, Iskelmä Festivaali, Suomipop-festivaali, Kuopio RockCock, Summer Up and many more!

Asokodit believes, that happiness has an address. The company knows that right-of-occupancy housing is a safe and reliable option, and that is exactly what they offer their customers. Asokodit owns approximately 16,000 right-of-occupancy apartments around 31 different cities. The company’s goal is to constantly keep developing and producing great housing services with their carefully selected partners!

Alko is an independent company owned by the Finnish state and administered and controlled by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Alko is tasked with the retail sale of beverages containing more than 4.7 percent alcohol by volume. Alko provides their customers with a premium service experience in its shops and other channels, without compromising responsibility.

Alko serves all Finns. The company’s over 350 stores and over 60 pick up points cover the whole of Finland. Via webshop, Alko’s range of more than 5,000 products are accessible to all Finns, with just a few clicks.