17. – 18.11.2016

In 2016, the team was facing some big decisions after graduation. What is the future of Innovate or die and in which direction will we go? In the end, the answer was easy and the only way was to keep moving forward. Once again we had the most amazing time working with talented students and fantastic companies in Himos, Jämsä. Overall six different companies presented their current challenges to students that came from four different universities. Total of 155 students attended the event in 2016.

This was also the year when Innovate or die found its grounds from Spain. In May 2016, the event was organized by our Spanish team in Barcelona. Innovate or die got welcomed with excitement by 100 university students and four companies. The Spanish students were solving cases presented to them by United Colors of Benetton, Blue BBVA, Agora BCN and Pyrum Innovations.

Hall of Fame


Thuy Vo, JAMK
Tien Chu, JAMK
Thu Mai, JAMK
Anton Kirill, JAMK
Nikita Staroshvetckii, JAMK

Helsingin Sanomat

Santeri Tani, JYU, IT-TDK
Eetu Rantakangas, JYU, IT-TDK
Tommi Salo, JYU, IT-TDK
Mikko Mäntylä, JYU, IT-TDK


Sanna Valkonen, JYU, IT-TDK
Janina Kallioinen, JYU, IT-TDK
Kalle Salonen, JYU, IT-TDK
Ville Paasonen, JYU, IT-TDK
Lauri Makkonen, JYU, IT-TDK


Rasmu Korhonen, Savonia AMK
Kari Hyvönen, Savonia AMK
Mikko Hursti, JYU, IT-TDK
Nikojoel Markkanen, JYU, IT-TDK


Joona Linna, JAMK
Simo Sairanen, JAMK
Natalia Paananen, JAMK
Anetta Sievinen, JAMK
Mira Taivaljärvi, JAMK


Henry Sundberg, JAMK
Mikko Juntunen, Savonia AMK
Jon Sundberg, JAMK
Ville Pekkala, JYU, IT-TDK

Innovate or die 2016 – After movie


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