Innovate or die processes your data with care, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This document was created 24.5.2018.

Holder of the register

Innovate or die Oy (Business ID: 2816427-7)
Vaihdekuja 6 B 29
40100 Jyväskylä

Person responsible for the register

Jari Savolainen
Phone: +358442585347
E-mail: jari(at)

Name of the register

Innovate or die user register

Why are we collecting the data

The data given when registrating to Innovate or die – innovation competition is used to quarantee a smooth and efficient experience for every participant. We collect only the necessary information concerning the participation to the event.

After the registration, our team goes through the given information and checks every applicants right to take part in the competition confidentially with schools own contact persons.

We use the participants’ information for forming the multidisciplinary teams with the best possible way. The aim is to create a motivating learning environment and to ensure an inspiring atmosphere for producing innovations.

Our project group contacts the participants by email during the study module to offer information and keep the participants updated. In some cases we may have to contact you via telephone, if we need to reach you quickly.

After the main event we collect the banking information and in some cases the social security numbers of the winning teams to transfer the prize money. The given information is handled separately by certain team members that have been trained to the topic.

After the event we may publish the team members of the winning teams in social media and on our website etc.

In order to ensure that our services are in line with your needs, we also do a customer satisfaction survey after the event. In the survey we collect your experiences and feedback from the event. This information will be handled anonymously and stored only until we have formed a summary for our team of the feedback.

What data is being collected

Innovate or die gathers the participating students personal information during the registration process. Registration to the innovation competition is proceeded by an online form and the data collected consists of the following information:

-First and last name
-Phone number
-E-mail address
-Place of study and faculty
-Years studied
-Student number
-Possible additional information, such as food allergies

Customer satisfaction survey consist of:

-First and last name
-Place of study
-Questions concerning the participants experience during the study module and event

How are we storing the data is hosted by Domainhotelli Oy (Business ID: 2693169-9) hosting service.  All information received via e-mail or the contact us-page are handled with Domainhotelli Oy (Business ID:2693169-8) e-mail service.

All information concerning the registration to Innovate or die – events are stored in secure devices. Innovate or die event participants’ first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, place of study and faculty, year studied, student numer and possible additional information are stored in the Innovate or die user register for 5 years after the participation.

Do we share your data with third parties?

Innovate or die will not share the participants information with any third parties without their permission. The only exception to this would be to serve legal obligations. We are obligated to check the applicants right to take part in the competition with their school’s contact person and for this we use participants name and student number (which we collected from the registration form). After the check up the school personnel is also aware of the participants attendance and the school can grant the academic credits for the right people. Otherwise the necessary data is only shared among the Innovate or die-team.

Protecting the data

Innovate or die handles the data carefully and the data is protected properly. Only the people with a spesific need to handle your data within Innovate or die-team will be given the access to your information.

Physical access to the devices designed to handle the personal data has been blocked by security measures. The access to the data needs spesific identifications and rights. The devices are also secured with firewall.

What are your rights

Everyone in the register has the right to check their data stored in the register and to demand any incorrect information to be corrected or incomplete information to be supplemented. If you would like to check the data stored or request correction to the data, the request should be sent in writing to us to: info(at) If necessary, Innovate or die has the right to request you to prove your identity.

You also have the right to request the removal of your personal data from the register. Requests should be sent in writing to us to: info(at) If necessary, Innovate or die has the right to request you to prove your identity.